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Pedestrian Accident Claims

Of all road users, the pedestrian is the one who will be worse off in any collision. However, walking is something virtually all of us do. It doesn’t matter whether we are hopping off a bus or pushing a supermarket trolley, we are still a pedestrian. A pedestrian who is hopefully not one of those injured or even sometimes killed in an accident caused by other road users.

Claim within 3 years

If you’ve been injured in an accident while walking on the pavement or crossing the road with due care on your part, you should make a claim – given it occurred within the last 3 years.

Glanvilles Damant have helped hundreds of people on the Island who’ve been involved in serious accidents claim the compensation they deserve. As with all personal injury compensation claims, if you have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian, you must prove that another person was at fault, namely the driver of the vehicle that collided with you. To enhance your claim, you should get the personal details of any witnesses, the model, make and licence number of the car or vehicle that hit you and contact the police immediately to report the accident.

All-round compensation

Our clients have included pedestrians who’ve been struck by all manner of vehicles – cars, vans, lorries, buses and motorcycles. As in so many pedestrian accidents, some of the injuries suffered have been severe with long-lasting  even permanent effects on the clients’ lives. The compensation we’ve gained for these victims has helped improve their quality of life and help pay the medical costs of treating their injuries and subsequent rehabilitation. As with all our personal injury clients, we also made sure they received additional compensation for any loss of earnings suffered through being unable to return to work.


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