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Dental Negligence

When a dentist has performed poorly, negligently or inappropriately with the result that avoidable harm has been caused to a patient, a dental negligence claim can follow.

Severing a nerve, pulling the wrong tooth out or failing to diagnose decay resulting in further problems – these are examples of the types of claim we have experienced.

Serious Injury

Dental negligence can cause serious harm with some patients suffering life changing injuries. A dentist may cause a severe infection due to unsafe practices, fail to diagnose a case of oral cancer or improperly use a dental tool, resulting in permanent injury.

Should you suffer injury as a result of dental negligence, the Glanville Damant team of clinical negligence solicitors have all the experience and expertise you need to claim and win compensation.

Informed Consent

Before carrying out your treatment, your dentist has a responsibility to inform you of any risks to your health involved with your treatment including any side effects. If you are treated and not made aware of these risks beforehand and something goes wrong, you could have grounds for a dental negligence claim.

If you or members of your family believe that a dentist has failed to provide informed consent, please contact the Glanvilles Damant team. We will discuss whether you have a claim for dental negligence. Any claims we deal with are carried out with a ’No Win, No Fee’ agreement so there is no financial risk to you.


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