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Parental Responsibility Order Solicitors on the IoW

To be a parent and find out that you do not have automatic rights with regard to your child could come as quite a shock. For a father who is not married to the mother, this could very well be the case. Only the mother has automatic rights.

However, an unmarried father can acquire these rights through a Parental Responsibility Order: Such an order recognises you in the eyes of the law as having all the legal powers necessary to make appropriate decisions in the upbringing of your child.

Establishing your commitment

The Glanvilles Damant team of family lawyers are trained and experienced in all aspects of Parental Responsibility Orders.

As an agreement between the father and mother, the order is a prescribed form. The Glanvilles Damant team can advise and help you complete it correctly and then sign and register it to ensure it is effective.

As an unmarried couple, you will need to establish to the Court:

  • there is a commitment to the child,
  • genuine attachment between father and child and
  • sound motive for the application.

Step-parents and civil partners of parents can also, in certain circumstances, obtain parental responsibility.

  • This requires an agreement with the parents who have parental responsibility or by the direction of the Court.

Our Family Law team can provide all the specialist advice you need.


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