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Trusts Legal Services on the Isle of Wight

A Trust is an arrangement where property or other assets are held by one or more people for the benefit of another.

People set up Trusts for many reasons:

  • A Trust can be used in dealing with joint arrangements such as when two or more people are buying or selling a home
  • Trusts can also be used in looking after less able family members such as children and the elderly
  • Reducing exposure to certain taxes such as ring-fencing the compensation paid in a personal accident claim is another area where a Trust can have a beneficial effect

Trusts Advice & Support

Glanvilles Damant has an experienced and dedicated team who are versed in handling all kinds of trusts and related tax issues.

We can:

  • Help you set up a trust,
  • Advise and support you as a trustee
  • Administer the trust and terminate it when necessary.
  • Where appropriate, partners in Glanvilles Damant are also willing to act as trustees

Should you have any questions, or need legal advice about Trusts, please get in touch today.


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