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Prevent Workplace Injuries: Injury Awareness Week 2024!

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Workplace safety is a crucial aspect of any organisation. Monday, June 24th marks the start of Injury Awareness Week 2024 an event dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of workplace injuries and providing support to those affected. This...

Martha's Law To Be Introduced In NHS Hospitals From April 2024

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The Government has now confirmed its plans to back calls to roll out a system giving seriously ill patients access to a second opinion if their condition worsens.  This has come about as a direct result of a campaign by the parents of Martha Mills, 13...

Dog Attacks - What Are Your Rights?

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Currently, we are hearing reports of dog attacks on people on a daily basis. What are your rights legally if you are badly injured or perhaps face life-changing injuries as a result of such an attack? You should of course always report any such incidents to...