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Gemma Cook

What You Need To Know About Squatters Rights In The UK

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Understanding squatters’ rights is pivotal for landlords and property owners in England and Wales. This article delves deep into squatters’ rights in the UK, dissecting the laws, the rights of the landlords, and the squatters. This piece is...

The End of No-Fault Evictions: What Landlords and Tenants Need to Know About Section 21 Reform

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With looming changes to the eviction laws in the UK, both landlords and tenants have a lot to digest. The spotlight is primarily on Section 21 , which allows landlords to evict tenants without needing to provide a reason. This article aims to explore...

Understanding Cross Option Agreements: Safeguarding Your Business and Providing Peace of Mind

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When running a business, it's crucial to prepare for unforeseen circumstances, including the death of a shareholder. One way to address this concern is through a cross option agreement, which provides a structured plan for managing the transfer of...