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Residential Conveyancing Solicitors

Our Residential Conveyancing Solicitors on the Isle of Wight have an extensive understanding of the local property market. Our knowledge also extends to the South East of England, London and beyond.

Whether you are moving to the Isle of Wight permanently or buying a second home, we can manage all your conveyancing law requirements.

A full conveyancing service

Our residential property solicitors are experts in providing legal advice for all property matters, including:

  • Freehold property sales and purchases
  • Leasehold sales and purchases
  • Investment property sales or purchases
  • Transfers of Equity
  • Equity Release
  • New build purchases
  • First-time buyers
  • Lease Extensions
  • Remortgages
  • Buy-to-Let property
  • Private landlord and tenant law

We can also provide guidance on other legal matters you may wish to finalise at the same time as you are buying and/or selling your home, such as drafting a Will and Lasting Power of Attorney.


Frequently Asked Questions About Conveyancing

What is the difference between a conveyancing solicitor and a licenced conveyancer?

The primary difference between a conveyancing solicitor and a licenced conveyancer lies in their qualifications and range of legal services. A conveyancing solicitor is a qualified lawyer with a broader legal background, allowing them to address various legal issues beyond property transactions. They can handle complex cases, such as property disputes or other legal matters associated with the conveyancing process. On the other hand, a licenced conveyancer is a professional who specialises solely in property law and conveyancing.

Is it better to use a solicitor or a conveyancer?

Opting for a solicitor for conveyancing can provide a range of benefits, particularly in complex property transactions. As qualified lawyers, solicitors possess a comprehensive understanding of various legal areas, enabling them to address intricate legal issues that may arise during the property transfer process. This broader legal expertise can be invaluable in situations where complications, such as boundary disputes, leasehold extensions, or property title concerns, emerge. While solicitors might charge higher fees compared to conveyancers, the peace of mind and protection using a solicitor can offer make them a worthwhile investment for navigating the complexities of conveyancing.

How much does conveyancing cost UK?

For a comprehensive breakdown of our fees in relation to conveyancing matters please follow this link to our Residential Conveyancing Pricing.

How does exchange of contracts work?

The exchange of contracts is a crucial step in the property buying process in the UK, marking the point at which the transaction becomes legally binding for both the buyer and the seller. Prior to the exchange, both parties' legal representatives ensure that all necessary searches, surveys, and legal enquiries have been completed. Once both parties are satisfied with the terms and conditions, they each sign identical copies of the contract. The legal representatives then conduct a formal exchange, typically via telephone, following a protocol known as the Law Society's Formula for Exchange. During this call, they confirm the agreed-upon terms and set a completion date. After the exchange, both the buyer and the seller are legally committed to the transaction, and any withdrawal may result in significant financial penalties. The completion date, which is when the property ownership is transferred, usually occurs a few days to a few weeks after the exchange of contracts.

How long do solicitors take for conveyancing?

The duration of the conveyancing process handled by solicitors can vary significantly depending on multiple factors, such as the complexity of the property transaction, the efficiency of the parties involved, and the presence of any unforeseen issues. On average, the conveyancing process takes between 8 to 12 weeks from the time an offer is accepted and draft Contracts have been provided to the Buyers representative to completion. However, this timeline can be shorter or longer based on factors such as the property's chain status, the responsiveness of the parties, and any unexpected complications like delays in obtaining search results or mortgage approvals. It is essential to maintain open communication with your solicitor throughout the process and provide any required information promptly to minimise delays and ensure a smooth conveyancing experience.

Why choose Glanvilles Damant for your residential property conveyancing?

If you are looking for a conveyancing solicitor on the Isle of Wight we can help you. Investing in an experienced, fully-qualified conveyancing solicitor may cost a little more upfront. However, if potential issues are not picked up at the time a conveyancing transaction is going through, you may be lumbered with a property that costs you thousands of pounds due to unexpected problems.

For example, it is your solicitor’s responsibility to check the title of the property and do the relevant searches, such as a Chancel Repair Search, an Environmental Search and a Water & Drainage Search.  They will then make you aware of any covenants on the title or potential environmental risks.  Failure to do any of these required steps could result in you not knowing, for example, that a public sewage drain runs under your property.  This may prevent you from being able to extend your home in the future.

Our firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, meaning we have to adhere to strict standards and provide quality service at all times. If you choose to instruct one of our conveyancing solicitors based on the Isle of Wight, they will quickly put you at ease. 

We can also assure you of our strict IT and data policies which provide protection for all our clients against cyber-criminals who are known to target conveyancing transactions.

To find out more about how we can assist you with all your conveyancing law needs, please contact us to make an appointment.


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