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Buy to Let Legal Services IOW

'Buy to Let' can represent an exciting business opportunity when the right property is chosen and rental agreements are soundly drafted and put in place.

This is a form of investment where a residential property is bought with the intention of renting it out for profit and it should be recognised that the legal and financial position of buy to let differs substantially from straightforward home purchase.

The Glanvilles Damant Property Team are here to help you acquire your property and avoid any pitfalls that may be waiting in the rental process.

Protecting your profits

Every Buy to Let investor wants to make money from their purchase. How much and over what period of time are all variables in the context of the purchaser’s overall objectives. Minimising risk from the outset is obviously fundamental so buying the right property is a major first step.

Our Property Team will work with you in assessing the property’s value in terms of:

  • Initial cost
  • Future worth and
  • Tenant marketability

Through our searches and investigations of title deeds and existing tenancy agreements, we will advise on any potential risk.

Finance is another area of our expertise. We can advise you in your dealings with lenders and help you ensure that their requirements can and will be complied with.

Speed with security

Glanvilles Damant will process all the necessary legal documents for negotiation.  We’ll finalise these and ensure your investment is protected in the fastest possible time. We’ll also draft your tenancy agreements in a way that provides both security and flexibility for you.

Landlord legislation is getting tougher so we’ll provide all the advice you need with regard to health and safety, building regulations and multiple occupancy issues. A buy to rent investment doesn’t end with a successful purchase so we’ll always be on hand should any tenancy or property management issues ever arise.

If you are thinking of Buy to Let, contact us today to speak to one of our property legal experts. 


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