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Negotiating Financial Agreement Solicitors on IoW

In reaching a divorce or dissolution settlement, finances can sometimes prove to be a sticking point.

If there is a financial dispute, Glanvilles Damant is here to help. Through our solid negotiation and dispute resolution expertise, we can advise on the distribution of assets from property both UK and International to partnerships, commercial assets and off-shore investments.

Reaching an agreement

There are several ways of achieving a financial settlement in a divorce case.

The first is voluntary disclosure - where both parties agree to disclose all of their financial information – P60s, life and endowment policies, pensions, etc.

  • Glanvilles Damant can then help you negotiate a settlement which, once finalised, can then be converted into a Court order. Once this is approved it becomes legally binding.
  • Collaborative law means entering a binding agreement that commits both parties to reaching a financial settlement without going to Court.
  • It involves a meeting with you, your spouse and both parties’ solicitors. Glanvilles Damant fully trained and experienced Collaborative Lawyers can advise and represent you. Once an agreement has been reached, it can also become a legally binding Court order.
  • If there are real difficulties in reaching a settlement, then mediation can be a successful means of resolving the dispute.
  • An independent mediator will meet both parties together. He or she will not provide legal advice but will focus on the dispute in terms of finances and aim to resolve matters. If an agreement is the result, this can again be converted into a Court order.

Interim finance

If no agreement has been forthcoming over a length of time and your spouse is failing to support you financially, Glanvilles Damant can arrange an interim financial agreement for you.

We can make an emergency Court application for “interim maintenance” which will require your spouse to pay a specific amount until matters are finally resolved.

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