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Pension Claims on Divorce - IoW Solicitors

Pensions can add up to a sizeable percentage of a family’s assets. In the event of divorce, they need to be considered in the context of the total family assets to ensure a fair overall settlement.

Glanvilles Damant Family Law team has extensive experience in dealing with pensions of all types: from private to company schemes; public sector to Armed Forces.

The right pension order

There are several ways of dealing with pensions when making a financial settlement.

To ensure the right pension order is made, the actual size of the fund needs to be calculated.
This can be achieved by obtaining a statement known as a CETV (Cash Equivalent Transfer Value) from each of the pension providers.

Where more sizeable pensions are involved, instructing an actuary could be the fastest way of reaching a settlement.
The actuarial report will give advice and recommendations on an appropriate division.

Pensions are a complex financial area. The Glanvilles Damant team can examine what you are entitled to, or liable for, so contact us today so we can help you reach a fair settlement.

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