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Legal Advice on Employment Policies & Procedures

Glanvilles Damant solicitors advise employers on appropriate employment policies and procedures that allow them to manage their business effectively and treat their employees fairly.

Employing and managing staff is a complex exercise. Glanvilles Damant will help you draft procedures that are tailor-made for your business.

We will advise you on ways of keeping them up to date, reducing your chances of defending a claim in the Employment Tribunal.

Should a claim be made against you we can represent you at the Tribunal.

Protecting your business

Your employees are one of your most valuable assets and should be protected. It is equally important that your employment policies and procedures protect your business and not leave you open to spurious claims. To guard you against these, we will review your existing policies, procedures and contracts of employment. If we find any shortcomings, we will draft new policies for you, saving you time and helping improve productivity and staff relations.

Employee problems such as long-term absence and misconduct are often time-consuming and difficult to resolve. Glanvilles Damant provides advice that deals with employees fairly and sensitively allowing you to get on and manage your business.

With our expert advice, you can be sure you have the right contracts and policies in place. By ensuring you comply with employment law, we can save you from the costs, disruption and damage caused by failing to meet your legal obligations. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can provide expert advice on employment policies and procedures that will protect your business and treat your employees fairly.


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