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Amputation Claims

An amputation is life changing. That’s why it is so important that the compensation you receive helps you gain the medical treatment and financial advice necessary to care for your family and maintain your independence.

Why you should claim

An amputation can be the result of a road accident, an accident at work or maybe even clinical error. After amputation, many sufferers require special assistance and care for the rest of their days. In addition, medical technology is in a state of constant innovation; newer, better and more effective prosthetic devices and artificial limbs are continually being developed.

The NHS cannot keep pace with the cost of these. That’s why it is so important that your compensation is the maximum possible to allow you to benefit from the most advanced equipment and devices without relying on the NHS.

How to maximise your claim

Glanvilles Damant is acutely aware of the needs of amputees and our Personal Injury Team is geared to gain maximum compensation for you as quickly as possible. The Team will aim to attain interim payments for you so that support begins long before your claim is resolved. However, it’s not only your compensation we focus on. Amputation affects your whole life particularly your employment so we can also help with trusts and investments to ensure your support is lifelong.

The Glanvilles Damant Personal Injury Team engages with medical experts who will provide the necessary evidence to support your claim. These experts can also offer on-going advice and information to you and your family, helping you live a life that’s as mobile and independent as possible.

Contact our us today for a an no-obligation chat with our Personal Injury Team on how we can help you.


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