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Multiple Injury Claim Solicitors on the Isle of Wight

Glanvilles Damant makes it a priority to ensure you receive the appropriate medical care and treatment as soon as possible.

Any serious injury is bound to have a significant impact on your life. Where multiple injuries are concerned, the consequences can be even more devastating, affecting not just your life but your family’s too.

More often than not, we can make the necessary arrangements for the funding of treatment long before liability has even been admitted.

Serious multiple injuries are often a combination of different injury types including both broken bones and damage to internal organs. The most common causes are car crashes and road traffic accidents, especially where there was a series of collisions involving traffic barriers and street furniture as well as other vehicles.

Make a medical report a priority

An early medical report will help determine the correct treatment you need to assist your recovery and rehabilitation. In terms of your claim, it will provide support and negate any counterclaims regarding pre-existing conditions. The defendant’s insurers may try to reduce compensation by claiming some of your symptoms existed before the accident. An early medical examination will counter this.

How much compensation can I expect?

There’s no set value for serious multiple injury claims. It’s not just the injuries that are taken into account but also their impact on your health, mobility and lifestyle. If the repercussions of your injuries are lifelong, you may also have to consider setting up a trust to protect your compensation. Moving or adapting your home because of your injuries could be another factor to consider.

The Glanvilles Damant Personal Injury Team has helped hundreds of individuals claim compensation after sustaining multiple injuries through no fault of their own. We understand just how stressful these circumstances can be and we aim to help every step of the way – from gaining immediate medical support for you to finding ways to fund your claim. The Team at Glanvilles Damant are dedicated to finding a solution for you that gets your life back on track so get in touch today to see how we can help.


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