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Cycling Accident Claim Solicitors - IoW

Of all road users, cyclists are the least well-protected and in an accident the injuries you suffer may well be serious.

Typical injuries include broken bones, particularly in the legs, arms and shoulders. Despite using a helmet, head and neck injuries are another potential consequence as well as soft tissue damage through the force of hitting another vehicle or the surface of the road.

Compensation for your cycling accident

Your injury may have been caused by a motorist turning across your path or a fall caused by a pothole, or a pedestrian stepping out in front of you. If the injury is no fault of your own, Glanvilles Damant will make sure your claim is carried out as efficiently as possible for you with minimum stress.

To make your claim, we’ll set up an appointment for you with an independent medical specialist. He or she will examine your injuries and prepare a medical report. This specialist will also advise you on any rehabilitation treatment that can help your recovery or relieve your symptoms. If these treatments involve any extra costs, they will be included in your overall compensation claim.

Modern cycles are expensive machines so though your health is our priority, our experienced Personal Injury Team will also aim to recover the cost of your cycle or its repairs and any damage to your clothing in the fastest possible time.

If you've had a cycling accident that wasn't your fault, contact us today to see how we can help you with any legal claims.


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