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Back Injury Claims

There are an estimated 7.8 million back pain sufferers in the UK. With another estimated 1.2 million victims. Back pain injuries are the most common workplace injury.

The human back is an intricate structure extending from the neck to the pelvis. It is also the part of the body most susceptible to injury – injury that often causes severe pain resulting in temporary or even permanent immobility.

You can injure your back in a workplace mishap or through a slip, trip or road accident. However you injure your back, it’s important you receive medical advice and treatment as speedily as possible to limit any further damage and assist a fast and full recovery.

Can I make a claim?

If the injury has occurred within the last 3 years as a result of an accident, you may be able to claim compensation.

Glanvilles Damant will instruct a medical expert who will examine you and provide medical evidence in support of your claim. Our expert will also make suggestions regarding your treatment and provide the help you need in following this advice.

How much compensation can I expect?

  • Awards for general damages to cover the loss of amenity and for the pain and suffering are set by the Judicial College and vary significantly. Minor back injuries can be awarded compensation from £1,700 to over £10,000.
  • Moderate back injuries including ligament and muscular damage can be awarded compensation that ranges from over £10,000 to over £31,000 if there is a degree of residual disability.
  • Severe back injuries such as fractures leading to severe pain can receive compensation from over £30,000 to over £130,000 for more severe injuries that do not involve paralysis.
  • Serious injuries that involve paralysis are considered separately.

How quickly your compensation claim is settled is difficult to predict. So much depends on how quickly you respond to treatment. It can take over a year because medical experts often wait for that period or more before ruling out any chance of further recovery.

Other factors too can play a part including investigations into your previous medical history. Over many years, Glanvilles Damant has helped Island people successfully make compensation claims for a vast range of back injuries.

Our team have all the expertise you need to make your claim and reduce any delay in compensation to the absolute minimum - Contact us for a no-obligation chat about how we could help.


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